5 Types of Videos That Every Business should Use

Where do I begin?” is a question we hear a lot at Dreamwealth Films, and this not only from first-time visitor, also from seasoned business owners overwhelmed from this new technological way of promoting and communicating in business.

We know the thought of creating videos can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to decide what areas of your business could benefit most from video’s helping hand. In many ways, the possibilities are endless.

Today we will talk about the 5 most used video, that every business should use. 

  1. Product Videos
  2. Explainer Videos
  3. Testimonial Videos
  4. Promotional Videos
  5. Social Videos



Do you sell a product or service that isn’t easy to explain succinctly? Or maybe you’ve done enough research to know that including video on your product page increases visitors’ time on that page, and thus the likelihood that they might convert.

Product Videos are the most common videos when it comes to the Service Industry, a lot of business nowadays are using it, to explain all the features their product is better than the competitor,

Not only does this video show the product in action, it also explains the brand’s positioning and gives background as to how and why the product came to life. This video perfectly combines both storytelling and product showcasing, making it perfect for use in all channels: on a product page, in paid advertising, etc.



Production time

Because they often take prominent positions on businesses’ websites, product videos can have more prolonged production times with multiple edits and revisions. However, all the time, sweat, blood and tears that you have put in your video concept will payback at the end when you will see the result that the video will drive.

Video length

Once you are all set and ready to upload, your product video should run anywhere from 2–5 minutes for the best engagement results.


Explainer videos

Explainer videos are educational videos that teach your audience how to solve a problem. That problem could be related to using your product, or it could be a more tangential issue. However, by the end of the video, your audience should be armed with the knowledge to take action based on the new skills they have learned while watching.

All of these factors make explainer videos perfect for ramping up content on your blog or even assisting a page in your support documentation. Why force people to write in with a standard question about your product when you can explain it in a video that’s quickly searchable? You will know your explainer video has done its job when it results in fewer questions for your support team.

While a product video is likely to be replaced by an updated video down the road, explainer videos often can provide value for years to come.


Production time

Since explainer videos require lots of detail-oriented planning, you will need to put more time and effort into producing them—about 20–24 hours on average.

Video length

Explainer videos have a running time between 2–5 minutes, so it is imperative that the content be dynamic and engaging.

Testimonial videos

People influence people. From Yelp reviews to Facebook comments, honest reviews can change our opinion of a product or convince us to buy. That is what makes testimonial videos so valuable.

These videos can show your leads the positive impact that your product has on real people. Hearing from customers’ voices and seeing a product in action is far more engaging than reading a paragraph. In the end, testimonial videos can be indispensable for winning over new customers.

Production time

Testimonial videos can take anywhere from 1–2 days to put together, depending on whether or not you have to travel to the customer to shoot footage

Video length

When it comes to length, testimonial videos generally fall within the 1–10 minute window.


One more thing : 

If you have a video team, there are definitely pros to sending them to your customer.

Not only does it make things easier for the customer (after all, they’re doing you a favor), but it also means the video itself will be consistent with your production style. If it’s inconvenient to travel and the customer has their own video team, having them film their own testimonial is a solid backup plan.Never try to do your own, if you want to keep your video consistent with your brand campaign. 


Promotional videos

Promotional videos are like personal video invitations. Whether you’re inviting guests to a conference, webinar, or office open house, promotional videos pitch your event while giving your audience a feel for your brand.

In these videos, you’ll want to give a brief but detailed overview of the event you’re promoting, along with a Call to Action that encourages viewers to sign up or save the date. Your end goal is to generate leads or attendees by prompting viewers to take an action.

Production time

Production can take anywhere from 1 hour to multiple days depending on how major the event is. A webinar invite video probably won’t need as much production time as a promo for a 3-day conference, for instance.

Video length

Event videos should be short and succinct, ranging between 1–3 minutes.

Social videos

Whether your social network of choice is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a combination of a bunch of them, the videos you host there can drive traffic to your website or just live on your profiles to build brand awareness.

You can use video on social to tease more extended content, too. Cut down a longer video to a shorter length, then encourage your followers to click the link you are promoting to watch the full video.

Remember, many of your viewers will be quickly scrolling through on their phones and won’t have time to watch more extended content. Short and sweet is the name of the social video game.

Production time

One of the significant benefits of social video is that a lot of the content will have already been made for other purposes, like event promos or product updates. All you have to do is post it (or at the most, edit it down a bit first). Making these kinds of videos might only take you a half-hour (if they already exist), or up to 2 days (if you are creating original content).

Video length

The average length of your videos hosted on social media should be less than 2 minutes, but shorter than that is preferable. If you can cut down your video to 30 seconds or less, you are a real social video superstar..

Now is your time to take action

We can’t wait to see what kinds of videos you make for your business. Got a great example of one of these 5 types of videos? Share it in the comments!Share with your friends! Share on your social media!! 

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