How to create a winning strategy for your next Testimonial Video 

Think about last time that you were not sure about a product or service; I bet the first thing that you did, you went to the review sections of the website and read through hundreds of review, until you were satisfied with what you read was resonating with you. Imagine, now you can have those answers in a 3-minute video, with all the typical questions explained and not only that but also coming from someone that uses the product and loves it. So let’s get deep down in how to create a Winning Strategy for your next Testimonial Video.

Key Tips :

As we mentioned in many blog post before – they key stays in the message and the purpose. It’s very important that we know what is the ultimate goal, here are few steps that will help you identify what is the secret sauce behind a great testimonial video

  • Showcases real customers who are representative of your audience
  • Presents a specific problem that your product can solve better than anything else
  • Backs up the promise with evidence
  • Demonstrates key benefits in action
  • Has a clear call to action

Let’s start with

Find your best storytellers

If your business is on the smaller side, you can instantly make your video testimonial more personal by picking one great storyteller. Doing so creates a more intimate setup and lets viewers get to know the person’s unique personality. Quirks make storytellers more memorable, but their passion for their work is what will help sell the product.

Keep in mind that whomever you choose to feature should play an active role in the events being described on camera so that they can speak with authority. After all, video testimonials are all about establishing credibility.

Take this testimonial video from our trusted friends at Google, for example.

Google does an amazing job of showcasing a passionate individual from a team of engineers at Coca-Cola, who explains how invaluable Google Cloud was when executing a large-scale campaign.

Beyond finding the best storyteller, another way to help viewers connect to the individuals in a testimonial is by featuring their names and roles so people connects more with the story. From front-end engineers to product marketing managers, anyone can instantly identify with a peer who’s in a similar role.


Make your product the HERO 

In addition to featuring a great storyteller, including a dramatic story arc can boost viewer engagement. By laying out the stakes and ending with a resolution, you’re creating a compelling case for your audience to watch all the way through. Moreover, you’re establishing your product as the one that has the power to solve problems no other product can.

Silence the skeptics with facts

If your business claims to be the “X” solution for “Y” people, then a testimonial can provide hard evidence for how you follow through on that assertion.

When deciding which customers to feature in a testimonial, look to your data first. Find facts and figures that are detailed and irrefutable—skeptical viewers will want to see the proof of your success.

HubSpot excels at showcasing their customers’ achievements by underscoring key success metrics in their video testimonials, like in this example featuring Varnish Software:


All through the video, Varnish’s VP of Marketing features the achievement the organization has seen since they began utilizing HubSpot (site activity expanded by 80%, and leads by over 58%). These numbers are particularly convincing for advertisers who are searching for an answer for help develop their business.

Before you begin shooting your video testimonial, ensure you have every one of the information you have to make a convincing argument for your product. Odds are, the client you are meeting has seen some achievement as a result of it (they are willing to meet, after all things considered), so work with them in front of the shoot to discover fascinating information focuses to raise when the camera is rolling.

Focus on the benefits

I know, I know. Is quiet a cliche, and also choosing your favourite feature is difficult. That is why, when it comes to video testimonials, it is essential to underline your product’s benefits first. Sure, it is easy to ramble on about its many cool and intricate features. However, you want to make it easy for viewers to conclude how helpful your product is, and fast.

One way to do this is by adding pull quotes to your video in post-production. Accompanying text can reinforce what customers are saying while emphasising its importance. Moreover, if you want to get crafty, you can even animate them, so they look super sharp!


Call the viewers to action

Without an effective call to action, your testimonials won’t help you convert viewers in the way you want them to. A quality CTA funnels the interest and excitement you’ve built for viewers into a logical next step.

When you place a CTA directly after a crucial piece of information in a video, CTAs can actually generate more conversions than those that are placed at the beginning or end of a video.

However, while a mid-roll CTA might generate more conversions, an end-of-video CTA ensures that the fewest, but most engaged viewers see your call to action, suggesting that they’re serious about their interest.


Get your strategy straight

Don’t let a glossy testimonial video intimidate you. Making an engaging video for less can be simple, as long as you know what captivates your audience and what tactics you can use to nudge conversions.

Decide on the conversion goal you’re aiming for ahead of time, whether it’s an email signup or a sales call. Before your shoot your interview, develop the story so that your subjects have a better sense of the direction. Make sure you shoot different types of footage, and most of all, don’t fret! With a strong strategy in place, your customer’s story will do all the hard work and convincing for you.



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