Q1 2018 Video Top Trends

From Food videos to Luxury First Class Flight Videos, people love to watch the expert in the sector presenting new features, a new recipe or even better learning how to do it; In fact, people chewed through so much online video about fancy foods made easy that videos around that topic became the biggest trend in online video last quarter.

Peanut Noodle Pasta Salad

Posted by Tasty on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Travel on the other side had a terrific growth in views with 10B views in Q4 2017 with an arise of the 52%, but what is the real drive, why people are so interested in this kind of videos?

We are all dreamers, and visionaries, we like to watch beautiful locations and beautiful services, between November ’17 and March ’18 has been a staggering +225% growth in Airline suites videos,

This video above, presenting the Emirates New First class, has a fantastic Half a Million views since November. This is a trend.

How to grab this video idea and apply it to your Video Marketing Strategy?

Of course, after analysing the trends is now time to adapt this to your business strategy.
The key feature that you can see in this video is the value provided; if you pay attention to the video, you can get the recipe done by yourself and impress your guests.
Instead when we talk about Travels, is about giving away some tips and tricks, like The Points Guy, he gives away tips on how to get the best deals online. You could do the same in whatever business sector you are, give away a few free tips about your business, or just a few handy suggestions to your clients, and you will see they will come back to you eager for more.
Remember to always put your website handle in your post description and your video, so people know how to find you. 2018 is the era for Free to Fee, giving away a fee basic tips and maybe once a month some advanced techniques will not ruin your business. It will make it grow.

Social Media platform are eager of content, so now it’s your turn to provide value to your clients and showcase more about your business, more about your services, and give away a few free services to get new clients.


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