When a Longer Video Effective?

You’ve probably heard that when it comes to video content, “shorter is better.” And that’s a pretty good rule of thumb. If your video content doesn’t capture your audience’s attention quickly, they’ll move along to something else. We all know our feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are full of video content already. So how do we stand out when we have a long video to release?

Let’s start with identifying,
What Is The Optimal Length Of a Video Content?

In general, for most social media postings, a video should not be longer than 60-90 seconds, and in most cases, as short as possible!

But is there a case to be made for more extended video content? Of course, there is. It all depends on the stage of the customer journey, your objectives, and the type of audience you’re targeting.

As a potential prospect progresses through the “customer journey” attention spans increase, and with that, so do the number of options for effective video types, from the initial 60-90 seconds, after the “attention” is there, you can move to a more “in depth” video, with more feature, more value.

There are definitely times when a longer commercial or explainer video can grab attention, but for the most part, longer videos will be watched by prospects who are closer to purchase or loyal customers who are looking to learn more and become experts at using your product/service.

5 Examples of Effective Longer Videos

Customer on-boarding / Welcome Video

A detailed introduction to your product or service and it’s leading features or must-knows for getting started.
Not to be confused with an explainer video, which is more for awareness.

Product demos/demonstrations of new features

These type of videos they can get long, but ideally, you want to create a short highlight version to put at the top of your Updates page where you quickly introduce the new features and then a link to an extended version, where you will go in depth.
Nowadays customers love choices, so why not give a bit of choice to your future and current customers.

Tutorials and training videos

Great for current customers who need to dive deeper into your product/service. Make sure that the tutorials and training are getting done professionally, from the best person and most qualified in your company, and if you are in a corporate, of course, the Vp of the specific department of choice.

Inspirational content

Content like founder or thought leader interviews in your space (think TED Talks) are the type of videos people will stick around longer to watch

Best practices from other happy customers

A video of another one of your customers giving tips/tricks on how to use your product best will come across as authentic and engaging

On a more fun and spontaneous note, vlogs, live videos, and Snapchat/Instagram stories showing interesting things from your company or daily life works great in longer formats.

When targeting existing customers, your video’s job is to give your customers all the tools they need to succeed, so feel free to make it as long as you need, but keep the targeting tight and personal. A generic demo video just doesn’t have the same impact as a customized one that touches on the specific challenges you’re solving for that type of customer.


We at Dreamwealth Films are firm believers that videos should be as short as possible. But there are exceptions to this rule, as you progress through the customer journey and look to engage and educate your customers in new ways. Longer videos can be handy when targeted correctly and used at the right stage of the customer journey.

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