Why VBooks are the new eBooks

Our prospects are assaulted with many messages each day, making it hard to emerge and get the consideration we merit. Accordingly, numerous advertisers are seeing consistent losses on customary strategies like email, advanced publicizing, and eBooks. Which is the reason we chose to shake things up and make a Video Book or vBook to make it short and more appealing.

You read that right—vBook. A vBook (video book) is an upgrade to the tradition eBook. It replaces text-heavy pdfs with videos that educate the audience on a specific topic. vBooks are a more interactive way to share content, get the metrics you need, and connect with your audience on a personal level.

So let’s take a look at why the vBook is the better option than the traditional eBook.

Downloads Are Only a Fraction of the Picture

Our typical eBook process is probably very similar to yours. Dedicating hours of writing, formatting, and design work to produce a PDF chalk full of useful information for our audience—and the only thing being tracked once it was published were downloads.

With traditional eBooks, it can be disappointing to gauge your reader’s engagement with the content. Beyond any doubt they downloaded it, yet then what? You can’t utilize downloads alone as an estimation of accomplishment. You have to know how far they read, did they skipped any areas, did they just read half of the book and never return to it?

With a vBook you’re ready to track;

In the event that they pressed play

To what extent they watched

Which parts they skipped

What percentage of the videos they completed
If they re-watched certain parts (and how many times they re-watched it)

The greater part of this enables you to have a clearer picture of how your group of onlookers is drawing in with your substance.

Utilize Video Book Information To Make a move

With vBooks you can comprehend who watched what, to what extent they looked for, and what they did a short time later. You’re then ready to computerize this and pass it specifically into your advertising mechanization stage (Guide) and CRM so you’re viably assembling a past filled with that lead’s viewership conduct.

And with that, your marketing team can start scoring the leads based on video views, and pass the right leads to your sales team at the right time. When your sales team gets that lead, they can see the viewing data to better understand what they’re interested in, follow up with the right contact, and get the conversation started.

vBooks can be a powerful tool for modern demand generation; by offering a more engaging and emotional way to attract, educate, convince, and convert.



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