Youtube Tv : A new video platform from Google

After the Apple Tv, Roku, Netflix and Amazon Video (aka Fire Tv) now Youtube is launching their platform for U.S client to watch their favourite tv channels on their computer. The difference between the services is Youtube decided to launch it as a PVR Live Tv, in fact, you can catch 57 channels with the 40$/month subscription and add a few more (like Showtime,Shudder and Sundance Now).

Since that there’s the Big G behind it, the cloud storage to record your favourite shows is UNLIMITED, you can record as much as you want and watch it as many time as you want.

I found it funny that the BIG G, uses iPhone and iPad as part of their marketing strategy, but beside that Youtube Tv can be streamed on up to 6 accounts per household and you can watch it almost everywhere (beside on Amazon Fire Tv) Google and Amazon they are having a war, and try to put obstacle on each other path.



Last but not least, the Tv is working with your internet connection, therefore you don’t need anymore a Cable nor an antenna, but just an internet connection that is powerful enough to stream your favourite tv channels.

Featuring NBA and Football as the main sports and soon MLB and NFL.

What do you think about this move from the BIG G?


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