101 Guide to: Video Marketing

101 Guide to : Video Marketing

Every week, i will introduce you guys to a new 101 to the basic of something relating to video, we will start this week with video marketing, and we will go through some simple steps like – what is video marketing – why it’s important – how to build a video strategy – where and when to share your videos and many other great things.

So.. What is Video Marketing?

It is definitely not throwing a video on your homepage and calling it a day, or uploading everything you have ever made to YouTube. Going viral once doesn’t count, either. Video marketing serves a much more specific purpose.

Cisco estimates that video traffic will make up more than 80% of all consumer Internet traffic in just four years. However, just watching videos every day does not teach you how to use video marketing to achieve your business goals. That is where we come in!

What is video marketing?

Althought this is not the way, i would like to start, but per definition

Video marketing is a strategic marketing approach that involves creating and sharing video content with the goals of attracting, retaining, and converting a defined audience of viewers.

Many marketers know they should be using video strategically, but often create video content merely to check off a box. In reality, video marketing is all about using video creatively to achieve your business goals. Views alone don’t define video marketing, which is why it is best to focus on what you are trying to accomplish from a marketing perspective (the message) instead of developing a strategy around video itself (the medium). If you feel like your video marketing efforts are not paying off, it might be because you are treating the video as the means to the end. That is the right way to lead your video marketing strategy.

For example, embedding a video player on your website can help boost SEO and even encourage visitors to spend more time on your site. However, beyond numbers and view count, the video also allows you to create a human connection with your audience while building trust. The storytelling powers of this visual and auditory medium can speak to your audience’s psyche powerfully, which is one of the reasons why so many businesses have turned to this tactic in recent years. When your business needs to be memorable and stand out amongst a crowd of competitors, video marketing can come to the rescue.

How to build a video marketing strategy

Like we mentioned before, the video is just the vehicle—your marketing strategy should power your message. Before you start making your video, it is crucial that you determine your primary goal from the start. Knowing what your message is, will help you keep your content focused and will make the success of your video much more natural to measure. Competing metrics and goals can be confusing, so we recommend setting up some “GREAT” goals before you get started.

Here are the basic principles of setting GREAT goals:

GENIUS : Make your brain work, get out a qualitative message, often and measure your videos by including both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks.

RELEVANT : Think about how the video fits into your overall marketing strategy and whether or not it aligns with current goals.

EXECUTABLE : Make sure the message that you want to deliver, doesn’t require out of budget equipment or editing. Consider what obstacles might stand in your way of achieving your goals, and proceed or pivot accordingly.

AD-HOC : When you are in the conceptual phase of your video marketing strategy, set a specific goal, such as gathering new leads or generating buzz.

TIME RELATED : Set a concrete (and public!) deadline that’s tied to other projects, and hold yourself accountable.


Once you have landed on the goal of your video, it should be a lot easier to narrow down your focus on what type of content to create to serve that goal.


How to Create a Winning  Testimonial Strategy:

If you want to use the real-life experiences of current customers to get new users to sign up for your product, a video testimonial strategy can help. In this article, we drill down into testimonial-specific tactics, such as finding the right customer storytellers, creating a story arc where your product saves the day, and peppering the video with data and key benefits. Finally, crafting a convincing call to action will seal the deal on a great testimonial.

At the back of every strategy, you need to establish that credibily and trust on your brand, what a better way then do it with a Video Testimonial.

Video testimonials,often have a similar effect on your business. By showcasing a real customer’s opinion about your product or service, they help establish credibility and trust. Persuading your viewers in a short period of time is no easy feat, but video testimonials are there to help make that dream a reality!

Key elements of a testimonial strategy

At the highest level, a video testimonial is a powerful conversion tool. The message you convey should ultimately make viewers feel more confident about signing up for your product. Just as it’s important to set GREAT” goals before creating your next video

Great testimonials videos, they all contain this key component :

  • Showcases real customers who are representative of your audience
  • Presents a specific problem that your product can solve better than anything else
  • Backs up promises with evidence
  • Demonstrates key benefits in action
  • Has a clear call to action

When a customer shares their story about how your product helped them solve a particular business problem, it’s easy for the viewer to imagine themselves in their shoes.

If you want more in depth explanation about this subject you can go to this article.

Going forward with the Video Marketing 101

How to make your videos work harder for you

Video is a powerful tool, but we all know that teamwork makes the dream work. Pair your Wistia account with a marketing automation platform (like HubSpot or Marketo) or an email service to make your videos work harder for you. Capture leads directly from your videos and automatically pass viewing data to your CRM of choice. Then score, segment, and assign leads to your sales team. Voilà!

With in-depth video analytics, you can better understand your customer acquisition funnel, work out which videos help drive the most conversions, and craft more personalized follow-up emails.

How to analyze your video marketing success

Once your videos are up and running and views are rolling in, you need a way to analyze the results. If you can’t learn from past wins and losses, you’ll always be stuck at square one. We happen to know quite a bit about video analytics, and we’re happy to share that wisdom with you! Let’s dive in.

Get started with video today

There has never been a better or more exciting time to start showcasing your product with video. With the proper tools, the right business savvy, and the desire to try new things, you can reach new heights with video marketing. Start marketing your videos today!




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