The advantages of Social Media Ads

People are watching every day lots of Social Media Video Content from different Social Media Platforms. Does anyone know exactly What is Social Video Advertising? Nowadays Video Content is increasing up to almost 80% of all the content that is shared on Social Media Platforms and become more native to these platforms.

YouTube has over billions of videos and billions of hours watched history. At the same time, Facebook and Snapchat both exceeded billions of video views.


What Is Social Video Advertising?

Social Video Advertising is an opportunity for the video advertisers and publishers to engage the audience socially. Every Social platform has their audience, and they are all different, Snapchat is the reign of millennials that consume video products in less than 20 seconds very hungry for new products, therefore your advert it should be quick and straight to the point. Where Facebook clients are mostly engaged for longer so your content should change depending on the audience that you are targeting. So the creators should focus on creating unique video content for each platform.

The Social Video advertising tackles about the intellectual skeleton of understanding how people are impressed and enhanced to create and share the video content.

In other words, we can say that Social Video Advertising intentionally draw attention towards creating video campaigns of a product or service representing on public media, to reach the conversion goals like shares, views, likes and to get broad audience engagement.

Social Video Advertising is an ultimately the sharing of video content and engaging with the audience using paid advertising or free campaigns through Social Media.

Advantages Of Social Video Advertising

The Social Video Advertising is about sharing the information, sharing the emotions, sharing of identity or self-expression, Social Video Advertising is engaging the audience in different ways with the video content. If we consider the video advertising, Social Video plays a prominent role in Social Video Advertising and its campaigns through various platforms.

Users are more engaged with the friends sharing content on Social Media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Users give first preference to the content shared by the friends regardless of what type of material in the video.
Social Video Engagement drives purchase intent, people who watch the video can lead to purchasing what they offer.
Social Video Advertising drastically increase the views. Social Videos draw millions of views to the viral videos which contain creative and unique content.

Best Practices For Social Video Advertising

Social Media video delivers several marketing objectives. Businesses use Social Videos to grow their company revenue faster than traditional advertising.

Here are the best practices for companies who use Social Videos as their marketing campaigns.

Focus On Storytelling:

Storytelling will attract and grab the attention of the audience and make them interesting to watch the full video. Implementing the art of storytelling in your video leads more audience and get more emotional fully involved to share your video.


Know the Goals of Social Video:

First, know the goal of your Social Video and determine it for how you are going to implement it to measure the success. Your Social Video content should reach the goals of your video success rate.

Best Length for Your Video:

The length of the video depends on the platform chosen for campaigns. Not all platforms prefer the same length of video campaigns. The length of a video is nothing but the time limit of the video. The Short length of the video goes viral on Social Media.

Optimize it For Search:

Create Social Video as optimized for the search engine. Optimize your videos for search engine compatible depending on the platform use hashtags and keyword then only your videos are identified by the search engine to get ranked.

Use best Aspect Ratio:

Social videos are generally for mobiles and desktops, use best aspects ratio to display on the desktop, mobile and tablets. Nowadays vertical videos are best on Social Media platforms, but this is not applicable at all times.

Choose Best Platform:

Choose the best Social Media platform for sharing your video campaigns. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are trending in video advertising. Choose the best platform which applies to your company.

Top Social Video Advertising Platforms

The reach of the particular brand at the targeted audiences is the major task for the business brands.

Here are the top Social Video advertising platforms which project the real-time results of approaching the potential customers.


It is one of the leading Social Video platforms where the billions of active users per month will be found. The video ads will be placed in the native video in the newsfeed of the users.

Facebook activities of developing the efficient mobile video ads, altering newsfeed algorithm and auto-play video ads are the most significant in Facebook to drive the attention of the advertisers and the audiences similarly to place and watch the video ads.



YouTube has billions of daily active users from which the echoes of YouTube fame can be established.

At present, it has become the most seeking brand ambassador for all the brands from small scale to large scale as it has daily active users. The advertisers or publishers can promote their brands on YouTube through Adwords account.

The true view instream video ads are one of the important factors through which the advertisers can push the video ad content as the instream content along with the original video content. Due to this, the video ad reaches the relevant video viewers as they are watching it.

These video ads can be skipped by the audiences after 5 seconds, and the length of the in-stream video ad is 30 seconds. True view video discovery ads will be displayed to the audiences when they are surfing the other new content to watch.

Bumper ads are the short video ads which play about 6 seconds and these are not skippable. These video ad formats on YouTube will drive the continuous engagement of the audiences. So when you are thinking about creating an ads for YouTube, i will definitely suggest you to submit “the 6 seconds version” so you are going to be sure that no one can skip it and everyone will receive your message.



Instagram is the millennials the most lovable Social Video platform to share the epic moments of each user with their friends or families through videos or images.

The video ads in the Instagram are played as the native ads, and the count of video views will be considered for 3 seconds of watching.

Social Video Advertising Statistics

  • $9 million have spent by the advertisers for brand’s promotion through Social Video advertising or mobile video advertising.
  • The Social Video ad sharing has occupied more than 50% of the digital budgets.
  • Native video advertising is attaining 42% of digital video advertising dollars.
  • More than 50% of the original digital video ad dollars of Telecom and Automotive sectors are spending on native video advertising.
  • Especially on YouTube, 500 million hours of videos are being watched every day.
  • The keyword search ‘how to’ on YouTube has risen to 70%.
  • 85% of video ads on Facebook are watched without sound.
  • The 2-minute lengths of videos are driving more engagement of the audiences.
  • Twitter is getting 93% video views through mobile.
  • The mobile users will watch more than 50% of video content.
  • Social Media marketing through video is the major task for 60% of the marketers.
  • The rise of Social Video advertising is the intended goal of 73% of marketers.

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