The Benefits of Video Marketing in Real Estate

Is not news that this year favourite marketing tools are Videos, and today I will share with you guys the top five tips on how video production increases value in real estate.

Video marketing is the wave of the future for real estate and is already significantly driving up value in homes, rental, as you may already see there are a lot of Real Estate agency out there that they using Videos, to show the property to future clients and customers and adding them to their website.
Is not a secret that many customers dislike watching pictures, because most of the time they are polished and retouch via computers, and most of the time they show the property features in a way that doesn’t look real (i.e. with a fisheye look or from angles that show the goods and not the bad).
When you think about Real estate marketing, you need to rethink the way that you market your asset, and not just about supplying a need; it is about generating emotion.

Emotions  creates more value in a home, and a buyer will pay more for it.”To further illustrate how video production increases value in real estate, take a look at the following five examples:

More exposure.

Numerous buyers relocate from all over the world. “Video production is essential for getting more exposure, particularly for people who live out of state or country, and selling for top dollar, In some cases, buyers who are relocating have purchased ‘site unseen’ just because of the video production. If you were watching the video above you can understand what I mean. If you want to sell, you need to invest in a good video production that showcases all the fantastic features of your property.

Better Google placement

Is not news that Google loves videos, and many real estate search sites are now giving preferential treatment to listings with video production. In a competing market for search site traffic, they want to provide the best quality experience for the buyer, because is not about you, that you selling your house, is about the customer that it will purchase it, What better way to provide quality and value by giving video production priority in the search?

Create Emotions.

Every day there are millions of people worldwide are watching youtube videos and television shows that highlight real estate through video production. Not only is it entertaining, but it stirs the emotions. When those people are searching for a place to live, the homes with video production have the advantage. Because create emotions,

The seller usually chooses who provides video production and according to data analysis has a better chance of selling their home faster and at a higher price. If a Property Developer is not paying for video production, they cost their client thousands of pounds in price;

If a picture says a thousand words, a video says ten thousand words. 

A video grabs attention.

We can convey a message is a shorter time with video than text. A well-shot video can grab the attention of the buyer around a particular feature of the property, like you can describe a view with text or with a photo, in the same way, that you can do with a video.  It could take real estate agent 20 minutes to communicate their value through text whereas that same message can be conveyed almost instantly through video. This is especially important given the immediate gratification, in the world we live. As consumers attention spans get smaller you need to grab their attention immediately. A video does that perfectly.

Biggest return on investment

If you want to raise the price of your property, showcase the superb features and location.
It’s over the time of leaflet on doors or in the postbox, and very soon, photos are not enough for the new millennials that are populating the buyer’s markets, make sure that your next real estate marketing campaign comes with a video, and position it on your website in the right way.

Homebuyers who use video in their search, 86 percent use it to research a particular community, and 70 percent use it to tour the inside of homes. These two uses are far and away the most popular.

With a 51 percent audience share, YouTube is now the top video research destination for house hunters (yes, even more, popular than listing websites), so make it your default upload location for listing videos. Set up your channel; organise videos by playlist; and use search-friendly keywords or the property address in your title, description and tags to make it easy for buyers to find what they need.

On top of all these benefits, with video, you can lay out a call to action (CTA), and one of the best places to put one is right in the video player of all of your real estate video marketing content. You’re now able to embed CTAs directly into your video player, allowing for customers to immediately interact with your business and go further along the sales funnel. No more having to be redirected to landing pages and risk losing potential customers, everything can be done as soon as the customer pushes “play” on that video.

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