Video Marketing for Government : The 5 steps to make it a success

The key for the Government is to reach the public in an efficient way of communication with the society. What will be the source to accomplish that agenda that exists in real time as it is much familiar and used by the public?

Exactly what you think is Videos. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter are building a strong bond between the Government and Public by delivering the Government announcements to the Public and social problems to the Government in an efficient way of generating results of immediate actions from both sides.

By considering that Google has established the YouTube for Government, Facebook pushes their live feed with priority when a message comes from an institution, and Twitter feeds are getting more common way to distribute live news and instant communication, where Governments can launch their channels to update the activities of the Citizens.

The citizens from the audiences can engage by showing their online presence through leveraging stories that show an enormous impact on the viewers.

The key factors like setting up and content curation, to engage the channel elevated by the effort of social media platforms to help Governments program to get the message out to the public.

Most Engaging Factors

YouTube is the most used video platform to broadcast when it comes to American broadcast, whereas Facebook and Twitter is the favourite social media platform when it comes to the United Kingdom, Usually the content shared goes from Government events and conferences, Political and Public issues, opinion polls from the people and natural disasters, etc. which helps in the makeover of Government.

News events:

Natural Disasters:

The natural disasters like Japan’s Tsunami and Earthquake are the most tragedy that clutched the all over the world’s attention through YouTube. The Governments of other countries and organizations gave helping hand to Japan in that situation to recover quickly.

Role of Citizens

Citizens are showing interest to explore the social media activity of sharing videos on YouTube regarding the social problems or events or anything. 39% of the video content that is most watched is uploaded by the Citizens. The news organizations also participate in broadcasting the pre-recorded news or viral news on YouTube and Facebook.

Length of the video:

The most common factor while running the successful Government Social media videos are the length of the video that plays. The short videos of length 2 minutes or less are preferable in Facebook or Twitter to go viral in a shortspan. It is the essential aspect to get the attention of the audiences.

Effective Ways to reach the public.

Research Tool:

The comments or feedback from the real-time audiences from the society will help to analyze the consumer behavior regarding one’s services. Hence, we can say that YouTube and all the social media are the great research tool for the Government to make a complete analysis of the society.

Program Promotion:

The Government event footages, solving Public problem footages, Interviews of administrative can be organized on YouTube by making promotions of using better titles, eye-catching thumbnails and end cards, etc. It can surely hype the uploaded video content to go viral on YouTube.

Emergency or Disaster Communication:

When the natural disasters like Earthquakes, Floods, and Tsunamis occur then it will build the great medium to establish the strong communication that let them all over the world to know about the fatalities. It helps to raise the funds that are needed to recover from the calamity.

Organise your content

Here are some strategies for maximising your Video Marketing strategy.

Curate Content:

Content curation is as much as necessary than creating the marketing strategy itself. We must put the focal point on curing your video content besides other creators, to boost the potential of your messages. You should cover the unique topics, events, exciting issues to boost your channel rankings.

Welcome Module:

A welcome trailer or a video intro your channel to the audience. This spot should play automatically when the user arrives at the channel. Use the heights of your recent video or custom video from most popular videos on your channel.


Typically every Social media platform is designed in sections. Each section incorporates with an individual video thumbnail or a set of videos and both. In case if you were dealing with multiple issues consider creating one sanction for each Ingredient.


Playlists consist of the set of videos or a collection of videos that can view sequentially. Creating multiple playlists and share with other users. Playlists guide the users to see one video and move to another video that you have designated to them.

Live Stream your message:

Live streaming license you to outstretch and mobilize your audience promptly. Live to stream a video and live streaming Event is a major things in nowdays marketing strategy

You can highlight the live event on channel homepage then users can readily welcome your channel. Then your favourite live streaming platform will distributes your message.

Enhance The viewer’s Experience:

Various social media platforms presents a variety of features to enhance the viewer’s exposure to help them master your message. The best way to enhance the viewer’s experience is through a dedicated page on your favourite social media platform.

Implement these below tips in your videos for better engagement :

  • Include links to your official websites, resources or press releases where the viewers can know more about your activities.
  • Produce more information or guidelines on complex issues.
  • Highlight the logo of your channel and add Call-to-action buttons that lead viewers directly to reach Social media Channel quickly.

Engage Your Community:

Comments section provide more interaction with your videos, and You can enable or disable the comments below your video it’s up to you.

One of the best tools for communicating with your faithful and loyal audience is Top fans. The most powerful tool to view into your loyal audience and feature to identify the influencers in your community.

Editorial Guidelines 


Always look for the information attribute and strength the predominant the Government information by publishing the videos from the various Government Organisations.

These Editorial guidelines are a roadmap for Productive and publishing the videos on your favourite social media.

Guidelines For Video Content:

The videos should be in the Plain language, easy to understand, relevant, useful and exciting.

It must be resounding unique and answerable to the following statements.

Your videos should help someone to make enlighten commitments.

Videos must sharable by everyone.

The content should apply to the public and individual persons.

Source Requirement:


For Images:

Should not include copyrighted images. Choose from standard domains, commonly copyright content and rights-cleared photos. Include in the credits section of your community.

For Videos:

Maintain High definition videos better Viewability.

Make sure that including Closed captions and translations for those who can’t hear. This will help to view videos without sound.

Uploaded videos must contain your content, do not use copyrighted content.

In case if you have taken some video from other Government Organisations should be commonly licensed, public domains and rights-cleared content.

Embed the links from the other organizations and mention in source information below your videos.

Must provide links to the sources of your websites and other successful platforms.



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